SOWRA Research Grants

Applications are invited from for research grants up to the value of £1000 to support clinical research projects related to regional anaesthesia.

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SOWRA intends to make a grant of up to £1000 to support original research projects originating from anaesthetic departments based in Barnstaple, Exeter,Plymouth, Taunton, Torbay, or Truro.
The research idea should be a novell project - funds will not usually be released to support existing research projects.
Priority will be given to projects which focus on improving clinical knowledge and advancing patient care and safety.
Multi-centre applications are welcome.

Application is by way of an application form. This should include sufficient information to explains the background to the idea, proposed methodology, and how this might advance patient care. A summary detailing how the grant will be spent is also required. The grant may be used to fund purchase of equipment, drugs, clinical investigations, or specific staff costs (e.g statistician fees, research nurse time).
The panel reserves the right to request further clarification on individual components of the proposed budget, and to restrict the amount awarded to a project if particular components of the budget are deemed inappropriate or excessive.

The final award of financial support will depend on the perceived quality of the study proposal and the feasibility of completing the project in a timely as judged by the board members and any external review. SOWRA reserves the right not to award funds if the quality of application or of the research question is deemed inadequate. The decision of the SOWRA trustees of whether to award funds is final.

The exact level of financial support provided to each project will take into account the quality of the application, the availability of other funding sources, and the amount already committed to other projects. The SOWRA board will review the grant award amounts on an annual basis to consider increasing or decreasing the total amount awarded dependant on funds available.

  • More than one award may be made in the event of sufficient funds being available.
  • Details of successful grant applications will be published on the SOWRA website.
  • As a condition of the award the lead investigator agrees to keep the SOWRA committee updated annually on the status of the project, a written summary must be forwarded within three months of the termination of the project. This information will be presented at the SOWRA Annual General Meeting.
  • Funds will be released in a staged manner following submission of detailed receipts.
  • In the event of early termination of the project repayment of any unspent funds will be required.

Applications should be made electronically and submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..